Femto-LASIK blade-less refractive surgery

Femto-LASIK changes your refraction by changing the shape of your cornea with a laser beam.

Less likely to cause corneal swelling that could allow damage to occur. Also less likely to have post-operative inflammation that could slow recovery. 

  • Thinner Flap:
    Less disruption of the cornea, so it remains stronger after surgery. This increases safety in the long run and reduces the risk of so-called ectasia, the biggest long-term risks of this procedure, although is very rare. 

  • Increased Accuracy:
    Femto technology makes flaps with much greater accuracy than has been possible until now. The size, shape and location of a flap is predetermined and so there are no surprises. 

  • Better technology:Laser technology is based on much higher speeds and lower power. This protects the cornea and has minimal effect on the tissues around it. Our laser is one of the most accurate on the market.

  • Comfort:
     The laser applies minimal pressure to the eye with suction, to minimize the discomfort in the few seconds that the treatment requires.

How does Femto-LASIK work?

Like most refractive procedures, the device creates a flap in the cornea with one laser and changes shape of the cornea with another laser.
In the myopic eye, the cornea is made more concave or flattened to allow less light.

In the hyperopic eye, the cornea is made convex so it allows more light.


The picture to the left shows the first level of LASIK surgery which involves creating a flap with the femtosecond laser.
The second image shows the eye after the flap has been made. The flap remains attached in one place and is pulled back before the laser treatment is applied.
The third image shows how the laser removes a predetermined thickness of the cornea.
The fourth picture shows the cornea after the flap has been put into place again. The flap automatically adheres back within five minutes, no sutures are needed.

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