Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between blade-less operation and traditional LASIK operation?

Sjónlag offers two types of blade-free laser refractive surgery; Femto-LASIK and TransPRK SmartPulse.

Femto-LASIK technology is the method that most people choose for laser refractive surgery here and abroad and has firmly established itself as a gold standard in refractive laser surgery. In all LASIK operations, it is necessary to create a flap on the cornea and was traditionally been done with a blade.

Femto-LASIK technology is based on the fact that the flip is made with laser beam, which means that the operation completed with just laser. No knife comes close to the eye.

The advantages of Femto technology are first and foremost more safety in making the flaps, thinner flaps and thus stronger cornea. This causes fewer complications, as well as improved recovery and faster recovery. As a consequence, the rate of reoperation has decreased.

TransPRK SmartPulse is also a knife-free operation, but differs from Femto-LASIK in the sense that a flap is not made on the cornea. That way, the cornea maintains strength even more so. 

My eyes are sensitive and I'm not sure that I can be still. Can I still have laser refractive surgery?

All eyes are fragile and every eye is unique. Laser refractive surgery should be painless and you should feel comfortable during surgery. We'll help you. You get topical numbing eye drops that prevent you from feeling pain and you are offered an anxiolytic tablet to help you relax. Laser refractive surgery we use a machine called Schwind, Amaris 750S. It shapes the cornea 750 times a second, making the treatment very short.
This laser is the fastest in this country. Security is then ensured by a powerful electrical system, which means that the laser monitors
the movements of the eye in 6 dimensions (6D) and shuts off if the eye goes beyond the safety limit. In addition, your doctor oversees the treatment through a microscope.

Does the operation take a long time?

The preparation for the operation takes the longest time. The table needs to be prepared and you have the opportunity to relax a bit in our waiting room, read the information carefully and get answers to questions that may arise. The laser procedure itself takes a very short time, or 10-15 minutes.

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