What to expect with laser surgery

The description of the refractive surgery session and activities during your Femto-LASIK/Cataract surgery stay in Iceland is as follows:

Sjonlag enDay 1 - You arrive in Iceland! 

Several hotels are within 1 km from our eye center and you will have plenty of time to settle in before your visit with us, for your preoperative appointment.  When you arrive our friendly staff will greet you and you will go through a thorough eye examination. This examination will ultimately determine if you are a candidate for Femto-LASIK/Cataract refractive surgery. We will instill short- acting dilating eye drops at this visit, which will make it harder to read and perform near-tasks for approximately 2 hours following the visit. This typically doesn’t interfere with driving and all other activities can be performed freely throughout the evening.


Day 2 - The day of surgery 

Arriving at the eye clinic, our laser coordinator will register you for surgery. You will be seated in our waiting area, where your nurse will start the session, and provide you with any additional information necessary. After this, the surgeon will take over and the overall visit for the procedure should take approximately 90 minutes. Your eyes may feel slightly sore and light sensitive but this shouldn’t prevent you from taking a short stroll outside or going shopping.  


Day 3 - The day after surgery

After a short visit to our clinic, where we will examine you to make sure everything is going exactly as planned - you will be free to proceed with your planned visit in Iceland.


Day 4 - Two days after surgery

This amazing journey ends today and you will be heading home after a memorable and quite incredible experience.


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