The preliminary exam

A preliminary exam shows if you can undergo cataract extraction. As you can understand, the preliminary exam is very detailed, but it is important to find out if something prevents you from undergoing cataract surgery. About 80% of those that have the preliminary exam can proceed with surgery.

The first step is to call 577 1001 and reserve time.

The preliminary exam costs 8,900 krónur.

It is important to not wear contact lenses a week before the preliminary exam.
The preliminary exam includes:

• Visual acuity is measured, to get a rough idea of your current vision, and vision potential.
• Current glasses prescription is measured.
• Review your health, eye history, allergy history and anything else that could affect an operation.
• Eye pressure measured.
• Size of the eye measured, along with pupil size.
• The surface of the eye (cornea) is examined further using a special instrument and a landscape photograph made up of its surface.
• A topographical map is made of the back wall of the eye, or macula (OCT).
• The dominant eye is identified. Pupils are carefully meassured.
• The pupils are dilated with special drops, to allow the doctor to see into the eye.
• Your eyes should be carefully checked by an ophthalmologist with a slit lamp.

After the preliminary exam, results are carefully reviewed to determine if and how the operation will benefit you.

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