Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cataract?

A cataract occurs when the eye's natural lens become clouded, the natural lens is directly behind the pupil.


Are cataracts found only in older people?

Most cataracts develop as a part of ageing so they are usually seen in people over the age of 50. About half of the population has a cataract by age 65, and nearly everyone over 75 has at least one. But in rare cases, infants can be born with cataracts.


My doctor says I have a cataract, but he wants to wait a while before removing it. Why?

A cataract is a progressive problem, if it is in the early phases- or if it has not begun to affect your vision, it may not need to be removed right away.
You need to continue to visit your eye doctor regularly so the cataract and your overall eye heath is monitored.
If your cataract is interfering with your vision to the point where it affects your day to day life, with things like driving, reading instructions on prescriptions, or doing everyday tasks; then it's time to discuss cataract surgery.

Is cataract surgery serious?

All surgery involves some risk, but cataract surgery is the most commonly performed outpatient operation.


What is a "secondary cataract"?

Sometimes weeks, months or years after cataract surgery, the backside of the lens capsule becomes hazy, causing vision to become blurred again.
This "secondary cataract" (also called posterior capsular opacification) can be easily corrected with a YAG laser capsulotomy. In most cases, this 5-minute procedure returns the clear vision.

What are possible side effects of cataract surgery?

As with any surgery, pain, infection, swelling and bleeding are possible, but very few people experience serious complications. In most cases, complications or side effects from the procedure can be successfully managed with medication or a follow-up procedure.
To reduce your risk for problems after cataract surgery, be sure to follow the instructions your surgeon gives you and report any unusual symptoms immediately.

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