Cataract Surgery




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Reading glasses

Free from glasses

Reading glasses or no glasses*


479.500 kr per eye if paid in full

832.000 kr per eye if paid in full


691.600 kr per eye if paid in full

  Nánar um Monofocal  Nánar um Multifocal  
*free of glasses depending on correction available, your doctor will advise you on likely outcome

Cataract extraction is a microscopic surgery where the eye´s natural lens is broken down inside the eye with an ultrasound and removed from the eye through a small hole in the cornea. After the lens is removed, a new artificial lens is placed in the bag or sac where the "old" lens was. Cutting is minimal, so it is usually not necessary to have sutures or stitches after. The operation is performed under local anesthesia and the patient goes home after surgery. Cataract surgery is one of the most common procedures performed both domestically and abroad.


Refractive lens exchange

Sjónlag also offers refractive lens exchange surgery. It is mainly offered to those over the age of sixty and those with mild cataract formation without the vision being reduced. The procedure may also be ideal for those with a thin cornea, severe dry eyes, mild corneal problems or severe visual defects. For those who want both distance and reading vision, refractive lens exchange may be a good choice.

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